Galapinhos beach the paradise in Setubal.

Portinho da arrabida transparent water close up.

Troia beach with Arrabida Mountain view in the back.

Your home in Setubal.

There are for all kind of tastes!


Despite having different characteristics all the beaches belong to Arrabida National Park, having the mountains as background.

Starting with Portinho da Arrabida, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal as it offers an excellent contrast between the sea and the mountain. Coelhos and Galapinhos, not so easy to reach they deserve a visit and we tell you that the difficult way to reach it rewards you with stunning beaches sheltered by rocks with crystal-clear waters. Passing by Figueirinha, probably the most well-known beach of the region as it is reachable by public transportation and has a large parking area. Offers a long sand line and during the low tide a sand bank emerges where you can walk through the sea…
In the other side of the river, it's Troia beach the starting point of one of the largest continuous sand coasts of the world that goes until Comporta and Melides. Large white sandy beaches, clear waters and a panoramic view of Arrabida Mountain. From Setubal it's reachable with the passenger boat that takes about 15 to 20 min. With luck, it is possible to see the dolphins during the boat trip.
No to forget, there is also Praia da Saude, the newest city beach near an area where is possible to find bars, restaurants, green areas and a cycling/running lane by the river.