Oysters with lemon.

Fresh fish in Livrament Market in Setubal downtown.

Azeitao butter cheese.

Torta de Azeitão

Your home in Setubal.

Eat, drink and enjoy


Land of sea, river and fisherman is no coincidence that Setubal is the “best place in Portugal” to eat fish.

The variety, freshness and sublime technique to grill the fish makes Setubal a growing gastronomical destination. In every corner of the historical center you can find a typical restaurant with the best sardines, red mullets or cuttlefish…
But not only the fish has the spotlight. The oysters of the Sado estuary are truly one of a kind. Don’t take our word for granted and experience it yourself.
The perfect ending relies on the sweets and cheeses of the region. You must try everything with the word Azeitão on it.