Bocage Square in Setubal Downtown

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Setubal Historical Center

Setubal has a small but very rich historical center.

The city itself grown during Roman occupation but almost disappeared after the empire declined. Nowadays is possible to visit Roman Ruins in Troia and below the tourism office.
During the fourteenth century the city started to grow again, Troino (our) neighborhood already existed during that time. But the golden age came in the fifteenth century with Portuguese royalty living in Setubal seasonally. Convento de Jesus and the main town square (now Bocage Square) were built during this century and the city flourished due to the maritime commerce and naval construction.
The fish heritage comes mostly from the XIX century and remains until the present. One of the best examples is Livramento fish and fruit market. Rebuilt in 2015 is considered one of the most beautiful markets in the word. A visit is mandatory!